Platinum fund is a world leader in trust and fiduciary services. Our trust companies operate throughout the major financial centers in Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

Trust and fiduciary services

We have expertise in establishing, managing and developing structures to hold a wide range of assets, including family owned businesses, real estate, yachts and art collections. International tax laws and regulations are constantly evolving. Our teams of trust experts ensure that our clients financial arrangements keep pace with the changing environment. They can also relieve the burden of management assets by taking on the responsibilities of monitoring and administration.

Working with you and your advisors, Platinum banus Wealth Management can design and implement an international trust or other services and solutions to help you overcome these types of challenges and meet your financial objectives.

Our trust and fiduciary services and solutions preserve your assets for the long term, while retaining the flexibility and control required to meet evolving needs

We specialise in:

International Trust Services, We can structure and administer a range of trusts to meet your needs.

International Companies, Your situation may call for an international company (or companies) in combination with one or more trusts.

Foundations, We can help establish and administer a foundation for charitable, family or private purposes.